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We aim to provide groceries, amenities and appliances to low-income familes. We nedd your help

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At SVCS, We believe starting drawing and painting with a solid technical, fundamental base of
realistic art skills are imperative, which fosters social interaction and peer learning. Therefore, art
classes start as early, from pre-nursery to high school.
In our art classes, we use different materials, like pieces of nature, such as leaves, stones, tree bark
and grass, that can be collected outdoors and used in your child's artwork. Using natural materials
combined with traditional drawing and painting materials will create an unusual and unique

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We are taking the next step in students' artistic journey. Our specialised art classes allow students to explore various art topics, from drawing and painting to lettering and fine art. Students are all taught by talented artists and professionals through sketching and sculpting, doodling and design, collage and colour. Students find opportunities to learn new techniques with new tools. Work with paint or pencils, inks or watercolours, or the latest digital tools like Procreate, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Students get
hands-on experience by completing and sharing their art projects. We have initiated a designed art
curriculum to ensure every child has the opportunity to learn, enjoy, and participate directly in the